Engineering Electronics Shop

An on-campus source for electronic components, tools, and supplies. These are sold primarily in support of Electrical and Computer Engineering classes,  but are also available to any UNL student or member of the general public.  Note that all purchases through this Marketplace website are for NEXT DAY PICK-UP ONLY. No shipping is available.  They can be collected from Room 122 Scott Engineering Center between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays, the day following the submission of your order.  Merchandise may also be requested and purchased immediately over the counter at Room 122 by paying cash, check or NCard.

Full description of all items available from the EE Shop, including photos and data sheets, are posted here:

RESEARCHERS: Do NOT purchase through Marketplace if you need materials to be billed to UNL cost objects.  Contact the EE Shop directly.  Cost object purchases MUST be documented by a prior approval e-mailed from the P.I. or account administrator to  

Contact info:   402-472-1969

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(Note: ECEN students are expected to own a solderless prototyping board for labs.  These will no longer be included in every ECEN lab kit, but are available separately in this web store.)

ECEN 102 Lab Kit

ECEN 103 Lab Kit

ECEN 220 Lab Kit

ECEN 23X Lab Kit

CSCE 231 Lab Kit

ECEN 307 Lab Kit

ECEN 327 Lab Kit

ECEN 347 Lab Kit

EMAR 391 Class Kit

Innovation Tiny Arduino

USB Logic Analyzer

Economy Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Full Length Whiteboard 

Breadboard Power Supply

RSR Resistor Kit