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Nebraska 4-H Special Topic Virtual 4-H Enrichment Programs are focused on providing educational experiences for groups of youth (up to 25 participants) who are learning together. The program will be delivered through Zoom and will feature 2.5 hours of hands-on, educational activities focused upon a specific topic.

Grades 3-8

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(program must be purchased 10 days prior to the program date; times may be adjusted slightly to accommodate your group of learners)


In the Innovate and Create 4-H Enrichment Program, youth will:

  • Design a product around their understanding of the customer’s needs.
  • Practice listening skills, empathetic thinking, problem-solving, and team building.
  • Develop and demonstrate non-cognitive entrepreneurial skills: creativity, pro-activity, analyzing, motivating, need for achievement, persistence, and risk-taking.
  • Celebrate the successful completion of their project.

After completing the registration, the 4-H Youth Development Teaching Team will connect with you to prepare for the experience.

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For more information, contact Andy Larson at