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The new Beef Resource Manual is available as a download and is packed with information to help with your beef project. From Anatomy to Selection to Careers, this manual covers it all.

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Chapter 1 – Anatomy and Physiology

With any project, you have to start at the beginning. In Chapter 1, explore the form and function of your beef project. Learn the parts of your animal including bones and muscles. Learn the biological systems of your beef project including the digestive and reproductive systems.

Chapter 2 – Herd Reproductive Management and Efficiency

Reproductive efficiency of the cow herd is one of the most critical factors influencing the profitability of a cow-calf enterprise. In Chapter 2, explore the reproductive cycle of cattle. From insemination past birth, learn how to properly breed and care for your beef project.

Chapter 3 – Genetics and Animal Breeding

Explore in depth the world of breeding by applying genetics. In Chapter 3, use the science of DNA and principles of inheritance to learn how to effectively breed your herd to produce desired results.

Chapter 4 – Economics and Marketing

Managing a beef operation is business. Chapter 4 focuses on the money side of a livestock operation. By exploring the concepts related to revenue and expenses, learn how to budget, market and sell in the beef industry.

Chapter 5 – Careers in the Beef Industry

The beef industry is a varied field full of a variety of career options. Through Chapter 5, explore the vast array of career opportunities available today. Learn how your interests can be applied towards different careers from production, to business, to education. 

Chapter 6 – Manure Management and the Environment

In our current environmental climate, beef producers have a responsibility to protect the environment and public health. Chapter 6 will explore the issues related to the proper manure management towards protecting surface and ground waters and the air quality of your home and neighbors. 

Chapter 7 – Beef Health Management

Managing a healthy herd is crucial to the success of any beef operation. Chapter 7 focuses on common health management practices. This includes preventing diseases, parasites and toxicity problems, as well as environmental stresses and providing adequate nutrition.

Chapter 8 – Animal Well-being

As member of the livestock industry, It is important that all animals be kept healthy, confortable and nourished. In chapter 8, learn the concepts related to good animal husbandry practices including environment, stresses, and nutrition.

Chapter 9 – Nutrients

Because cattle spend 6-11 hours per day eating, it is important to understand the nutrients that they consume. In Chapter 9, learn about the various nutrients, from proteins, to minerals, to vitamins, and their roles in your cattle’ s diet.

Chapter 10 – Beef Selection

When selecting calves for your herd, there are many factors consider. A successful project requires the calf have a desirable genetic background and excellent environment. In Chapter 10, learn how to evaluate potential calves based on breed, size, quality, and expectation.

Chapter 11 – A Winning Opportunity

In picking a calf for a show, quality care and daily hard work are essential pieces to picking a winner. In Chapter 11, learn how to properly groom, train and present your calf to have a successful show.

Chapter 12 – Beef Carcass Evaluation and Beef Byproducts

The goal of raising market animals is to produce a safe, wholesome product. Through Chapter 12, learn how to properly evaluation carcasses, grade meat, and discover the various cuts of meat and carcass byproducts.

Chapter 13 – Beef Quality Assurance: Putting the Pieces Together 

Through the Beef Quality Assurance program, producers have the ability to maximize consumer confidence and acceptance of beef products. In Chapter 13, learn about the program and the practices that influence the safety, wholesomeness and quality of beef and beef products. 


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