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Download this highly visual and interactive poster series that is part of the Ag Technology Session at annual Nebraska Extension Ag Literacy Festivals (designed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th-grade students) and are also used in classroom programs and other ag literacy events.

This poster series also includes a script that gives instruction for each poster.

This product contains just the files for printing, you will need to print the actual posters.



By using this highly visual and interactive poster series, participants gain a better understanding of the history of ag technology and increase their understanding of the critical challenge to feed the growing world. The series of posters allow participants to understand technology over the past 170+ years – from 1850 to TODAY (in 40-year increments).

The five poster series includes the following:

  1. HOW BIG IS AN ACRE? – This poster visually demonstrates the size of an acre.
  2. BUSHELS of CORN - This poster explains why production did or did not increase over the 40-year increments.
  3. EQUIPMENT & COSTS - This poster focuses on how the technology of equipment has changed in size and price over the years.
  4. HOURS of WORK – This poster reflects the timeline (1890-TODAY) and highlights how many hours of work it takes to produce one acre of corn – from tilling to harvest.
  5. FEEDING THE WORLD – This poster shares how technology has supported farming to meet the needs of population growth.

NOTE: This poster series also includes a script that gives instructions for each poster.


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