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Nebraska One Health Program Green Turtle T-Shirts


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Nebraska One Health Program Green Turtle T-Shirts (OH-2)
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Each shirt in the One Health illustration series features a native Nebraska animal. The illustrations within each animal depict habitats, shared environments, habitat/land use change, and threats that the animal may face. Each shirt brings up the larger topic of connections between humans, animals, and environments. This is a Blanding's turtle, an endangered turtled that can be found in northern areas of Nebraska, and parts of central and eastern United States. These turtles can be easily identified by their bright yellow chin/throat and their smiling expressions. Blanding's turtles face a number of threats from predators and habitat loss. For example, roads make it hazardous for turtles to travel safely. This turtle does not reach sexual maturity until their late teens and can live into their seventies.


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