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Seed Treatment (06) FlipBook


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For commercial/noncommercial applicators using restricted use pesticide applications to treat seed prior to packaging. Topics cover seed/seedling pests, human and environmental safety, equipment, calibration, laws and regulations. Glossary included. Content supplements information in Nebraska’s General Standards (00) core manual. Recertification and relicensing is required every 3 years for both this category and General Standards. Does NOT include planter-box seed treatments added at planting (see Category 01).


  • This 42-page text-based material has color photos, illustrations, and diagrams.
  • It requires a computer with internet access.
  • Access is given for 1 year, available immediately upon purchase.
  • Stored on a server, it is not downloadable to a personal computer or device.
  • This contains video clips of Extension training to supplement text.
  • It is good for those who like text, and like to hear and see images (video) to supplement text.
  • It is best for those who learn by reading, and has video reinforcement.
  • Animation includes pages flipping as you move to the next page.


Price $45.00