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Wood Destroying Organisms (08W) FlipBook


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Anyone making pesticide applications for hire or compensation in this category must be licensed to apply both general and restricted use pesticides. Includes control of wood destroying pests such as termites and carpenter ants in the same areas as for Category 08. Topics include nonchemical prevention, termite inspections, construction/liquid barrier applications, equipment and calibration for liquid termiticides, termite control chemicals, baits and baiting systems, borates, other wood-destroying pests, regulations, and termiticide labels. Content supplements information in Nebraska’s General Standards (00) core manual. Recertification and relicensing is required every 3 years for both this category and General Standards. Does NOT include fumigation of a structure (see Category 11).


  • This 72-page text-based material has color photos, illustrations, and diagrams.
  • It requires a computer with internet access.
  • Access is given for 1 year, available immediately upon purchase.
  • Stored on a server, it is not downloadable to a personal computer or device.
  • This contains video clips of Extension training to supplement text.
  • It is good for those who like text, and like to hear and see images (video) to supplement text.
  • It is best for those who learn by reading, and has video reinforcement.
  • Animation includes pages flipping as you move to the next page.


Price $50.00