'Please don't touch the bison.' t-shirt

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'Please don't touch the bison.' t-shirt

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"Please don't touch the bison." t-shirts are inspired by multimedia artist Tiffany Chung's 1,000 glass bison from her show TOMORROW ISN"T HERE.


The Great Plains suffered massive dust storms during the 1930's do to aggressive agricultural practices. By focusing on this pivotal moment in American history in TOMORROW ISN’T HERE, Chung encourages us to consider the global nature of natural disasters and other economic crises—and the costs of surviving them. By mapping the migration of people out of the area, the resources that were consumed, and an imaginary, dystopian future for them, Chung highlights the results of man’s fraught, and often destructive, relationship with nature. So please, "Don't touch the bison."


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