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Author ACT, Inc.
Purpose Purpose: “Contains five curriculum-based tests (four multiple-choice tests and an optional writing test) that measure academic achievement in English/writing, mathematics, reading, and science as well as noncognitive components (high school course/grade information, ACT interest inventory, and the student profile section). Results of the cognitive section are used by high schools and post-secondary institutions to understand what students are likely to know and ready to learn next in preparation for, and the transition to, post-secondary education. Results from the ACT are used in admissions, scholarship determination, academic advising, course placement, and career counseling.”
Publication Date 1959–2016.
Note The most recent review of this test was included in the Twelfth Mental Measurements Yearbook, and it was titled Enhanced ACT Assessment at that time. The test publisher has now named it The ACT Test. Reviews of recent updates will be included in a future Mental Measurements Yearbook when updated materials are provided by the test publisher.
Publisher ACT, Inc.
Publisher address ACT, Inc., 500 ACT Drive, P.O. Box 168, Iowa City, IA 52243-0168; Telephone: 319-337-1000; FAX: 319-341-2335; Web:
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Reviewed In J. C. Conoley & J. C. Impara (Eds.), The twelfth mental measurements yearbook.
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