ANSER System-Aggregate Neurobehavioral Student Health and Educational Review [Revised 1997] (The)


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Author Levine, Melvin D.
Purpose Designed as a system of collecting and integrating information from several sources about children suspected of having developmental and/or behavioral problems.
Publication Date 1980–1997.
Acronym The ANSER System.
Note This test was last reviewed in The Ninth Mental Measurements Yearbook (1985). The 1997 Revision was not reviewed because the test did not meet Buros Institute review criteria (that at least minimal technical and/or test development information is available).
In October 2015, Educators Publishing Service, Inc. advised the Buros Center for Testing that they no longer publish this measure. It is believed to be out of print.
Publisher Educators Publishing Service, Inc.
Publisher address Educators Publishing Service, Inc., P.O. Box 9031, Cambridge, MA 02139-9031; Telephone: 800-225-5750; FAX: 888-440-2665; E-mail:; Web:
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Reviewed In J. V. Mitchell, Jr. (Ed.), The ninth mental measurements yearbook.
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