Assessment of Parenting Skills: Infant and Preschooler


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Author Elliot, Gail
Purpose Designed to “evaluate the parenting skills of parents of children between birth and five years of age.”
Publication Date 1998–2002.
Acronym APSIP.
Note This test was last reviewed in The Fourteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook (2001). Reviews are not anticipated for the 2002 Revision because the test does not meet Buros Institute review criteria (that at least minimal technical and/or test development information is available).
Publisher Village Publishing
Publisher address Village Publishing, 73 Valley Drive, Furlong, PA 18925; Telephone: 800-553-7678; FAX: 215-794-3386; E-mail:; Web:
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Reviewed In B. S. Plake & J. C. Impara (Eds.), The fourteenth mental measurements yearbook.
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