Q-Tags Test of Personality (The)


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Author Storey, Arthur G.; Masson, Louise I.
Purpose "Designed to enquire into the self-development influences."
Publication Date 1967–1969.
Acronym Q-TTP.
Note In June 2015 the test publisher informed the Buros Center for Testing that this test is out of print.
Publisher Institute of Psychological Research
Publisher address Institute of Psychological Research, P. O. Box 68 , Succ Saint Dominique, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3K6; Telephone: 514-382-3000; FAX: 514-382-3007; E-mail: info@irpcanada.com; Web: http://www.irpcanada.com
Publisher URL http://www.irpcanada.com
Reviewed In O. K. Buros (Ed.), The seventh mental measurements yearbook.
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