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Graduate Record Examinations—General Test (The)


Availability: Test Review Available for Download

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Author Educational Testing Service
Purpose "Designed to assess the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing abilities of graduate school applicants."
Publication Date 1949–2016.
Acronym GRE.
Note The available review was published in the Ninth Mental Measurements Yearbook (1985) and reflects information on an older version of the GRE. The publisher advised that several changes were made in the test effective October 2002 but has not yet provided updated materials for review.
Publisher Educational Testing Service
Publisher address Educational Testing Service, Publication Order Services, ETS Corporate Headquarters, Princeton, NJ 08541; Telephone: 609-921-9000; FAX: 609-734-5410; E-mail: etsinfo@ets.org; Web: http://www.ets.org
Publisher URL http://www.ets.org
Reviewed In J. V. Mitchell, Jr. (Ed.), The ninth mental measurements yearbook.
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