Leadership Competencies for Managers


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Author Connolly, Paul M.; Booth, Daniel; Wilson, Clark L.
Purpose Designed to assess management development intended to add thought leadership to the traditional role.
Publication Date 1998-2006.
Acronym LCM.
Note Reviews may be included in a future Mental Measurements Yearbook if the test publisher provides complete test materials.
Publisher The Clark Wilson Group, Inc. (subsidiary of The Booth Company, Inc.)
Publisher address The Clark Wilson Group, Inc. (subsidiary of The Booth Company, Inc.), 840 Boston Post Road, Suite 200, Old Saybrook, CT 06475; Telephone: 800-332-6684; FAX: 303-581-9326; E-mail: surveys@performanceprograms.com; Web: https://www.performanceprograms.com/360-feedback-surveys/360-leadership-surveys/
Publisher URL https://www.performanceprograms.com/360-feedback-surveys/360-leadership-surveys/
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