NSight Aptitude/Personality Questionnaire


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Author Overcash, Stephen
Purpose A “method for measuring a person’s work-related characteristics … [that can be used] for hiring and promoting people who are similar to those already successful in the job.”
Publication Date 1990–2002.
Acronym NAPQ.
Publisher Directional Insight International, Inc.
Publisher address Directional Insight International, Inc., 1111 McKinley Street, Ft. Worth, TX 76126; Telephone: 817-249-6266; FAX: 817-249-6466; E-mail: test@nsightsuccess.com; Web: http://www.nsightsuccess.com
Publisher URL http://www.nsightsuccess.com
Reviewed In B. S. Plake, J. C. Impara, & R. A. Spies (Eds.), The fifteenth mental measurements yearbook.
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