Y-OQ-30.2 [Youth Outcome Questionnaire]


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Author Burlingame, Gary M.; Jasper, Bruce W.; Peterson, Gary; Gawain Wells, M.; Reisinger, Curtis W.; Brown, G. S.
Purpose Designed to measure “the treatment process for children and adolescents receiving any form of behavioral health treatment including psychoactive medications.”
Publication Date 1998-2002.
Acronym Y-OQ-30.2.
Note This title, which the test publisher advises reflects an updated manual, has not been reviewed. Reviews of the Y-OQ-30.1 are available in a separate listing on this database.
Publisher OQ Measures LLC
Publisher address OQ Measures LLC, P.O. Box 521047, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-1047; Telephone: 1-888-647-2673; E-mail: Info@OQMeasures.com; Web: http://www.oqmeasures.com
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