Youth Program Quality Assessment


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Author HighScope Educational Research Foundation; Smith, Charles; Akiva, Tom; Jones, Monica; Sutter, Amanda; Hillaker, Barbara; Wallace, Leah; McGovern; Gina
Purpose “Designed to evaluate the quality of youth programs and identify staff training needs.”
Population: Youth-serving programs.
Publication Date 2005-2018.
Acronym YPQA.
Note The reviews are of Form A and Form B, which are now sold as two separate tests.
Publisher The Forum for Youth Investment
Publisher address The Forum for Youth Investment, , 7064 Eastern Avenue NW, Washington , DC 20012-2031; Telephone: 202-207-3333; E-mail:; Web:
Publisher URL
Reviewed In K. F. Geisinger, R. A. Spies, J. F. Carlson, & B. S. Plake (Eds.), The seventeenth mental measurements yearbook.
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