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A 2 lb box with 1/4 lb Husker, 1/4 lb Smoke Cheddar, 1/4 lb Sharp Cheddar, 1/4 lb Husker-N-Gold, 8 oz Cooked Salami, 8 oz Summer Sausage


This 2 lb Giftbox is perfect for the cheddar connoisseur on your shopping list.

Husker is a milk-white colored cheese similar in flavor to Monterey Jack. This is our most popular cheese.
Husker-N-Gold has a light creamy flavor and is a combination of our Husker cheese and Mild Cheddar.
Sharp Cheddar is an aged yellow-orange cheese with rich tangy flavors. Our fine Sharp Cheddar is aged at least a year before release.
Our Smoke Cheddar is a favorite, deep orange in color and smoky in flavor.
Our Cooked Salami is traditionally American with a spicy old world taste, fragrant aroma, and a smooth, pleasing texture.
Our Summer Sausage is fermented and aged with the tangy, smokey taste of a traditional summer sausage.

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