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Find a selection of our best products in this uniquely shaped, hand-crafted basket.


This handcrafted Nebraska shaped basket contains three quarter-pound blocks of our delicious Cheeses: Husker, Husker-N-Gold, and Sharp Cheddar cheese. It a very distinctive offering sure to make an impression.

Our flagship cheese is a milk-white colored cheese similar in flavor to Monterey Jack. It was developed at the University of Nebraska by Dr. P.A. Downs. This is our most popular cheese.

Husker with Jalapeno
Our popular husker cheese with the added kick and flavor of jalapenos.

Husker with Caraway
Our popular husker cheese is enhanced with the subtle anise flavor of caraway.

A yellow and white marbled cheese produced from a mixture of Husker and Colby cheese.

Husker with Dill
Husker cheese with enhanced flavor of dill weed.

Husker with Tomato Basil
Just the right amount of dried tomato and sweet basil added to Husker cheese to create a unique melt in the mouth taste.

Husker with Spinach & Artichoke
A flavorful, spicy hot variant of Husker cheese combined with the great taste of spinach and artichoke.

Husker with Cracked Pepper and Chives
Husker cheese with the taste of fresh cracked black pepper and the subtle, yet pleasant flavor of chives.

Sharp Cheddar
We age our Sharp for a minimum of 12 months, and the result is a rich and tangy flavor. Deep orange in color, our Sharp has a dry, slightly crumbly texture that you expect to find in fine cheddars.

Smoke Cheddar
A robust cheese with a deliciously distinctive smoked flavor.

New York Cheddar
This white, Vermont-style, cheddar was handcrafted with great care in an open-top cheese-vat. It is a washed-curd cheese that yields a much softer and creamier cheese, deliciously sliceable and still with a sharp finish.


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