Don't Touch That Dial


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Remember Bozo The Clown? Big Time Wrestling? Remember dinnertime in front of the six o’clock news? Watching the live commercials to see if somebody goofed up?

Don’t Touch That Dial, a production of NET Television, brings the early days of local television to life by sharing the stories of the people who got it on the air and kept the stations afloat. The first person stories of television’s pioneers provide great entertainment for anyone who experienced the first years of television, and fascinating history for anyone who grew up taking for granted that TV has always been here.

If you never had a chance to see Johnny Carson’s first television program, or the early reporting by a young Tom Brokaw, this fantastic DVD has vintage film and long-forgotten photographs illustrating the rush to turn radio veterans into the first local TV stars in the Midwest.

In addition, this featured filled DVD has nearly an hour of extra footage, including rare and historic footage of early television shows, commercials, and behind the scenes footage that few people have seen since they aired 50 years ago!

Film and photos courtesy of KMTV, WOWT-TV, KOLN/KGIN, KETV and the Nebraska State Historical Society, with special thanks to Arlo Grafton and Envision for providing archival interviews and footage.


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