Hear That Train a Comin'


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You can hear them coming from miles away, and when a steam locomotive appears on the horizon, people stop and stare until it passes from sight. And although they are throwbacks to another era of technology, they still remain a symbol of America -- big and powerful. Experience the intensity, might and awe of the Challenger No. 3985, one of two Union Pacific (UP) Railroad steam locomotives that are still in operation. Meet the colorful people who keep this temperamental giant running, visit a vintage roundhouse switching station in Cheyenne, Wyo., relive the rise and fall of steam power trains and experience the memories generated by this great symbol of America. Travel along with the Challenger as it chugs across the state of Nebraska from its home base in Cheyenne, through Gering, Morrill, Oshkosh, North Platte, Lexington, Gothenburg, Kearney, Grand Island, Columbus and Fremont on a trip to its spiritual home in Omaha, the headquarters of the Union Pacific Railroad. During the program hear the reminiscences of Art Lockman, retired UP steam shop foreman in Cheyenne and the last full time steam employee hired by the UP, and Bill Kratville, retired UP railroad photographer. Learn about the maintenance of the Challenger as well as a project to restore the Union Pacific’s other signature steam locomotive, No. 844, from Steve Lee, Union Pacific’s Steam Program manager; Lynn Nystrom, fireman and engineer; Ron Tabke, Cheyenne steam shop foreman; and Mary Nystrom, concessions car operator. “Hear That Train A Comin’” was shot in wide screen, high definition technology and is a co-production of NET Television and Oregon Public Broadcasting, with Bill Kelly as producer/director. Funding for the program was provided in part by the Union Pacific Historical Society. Produced in 2004. Length 60 minutes


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