Mind Over Murder


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A troubled youth turns to violence in a crowded upscale department store. A pregnant woman is the victim of a heinous and brutal murder. Answering an ad, a man is kept captive and subjected to sadistic torture.

These are not fictional scenarios, but actual crimes. Crimes in which criminal profiling or behavioral analysis led to the capture of the perpetrator, or assisted in the understanding of the motivation behind the crime.

In "Mind Over Murder" an FBI-trained criminal profiler demonstrates how behavioral research can team with old school detective work to get inside the criminal mind to prevent a crime, and forensic psychologists discuss threat assessment and target violence training.

The hour-long program also follows college students through simulated cases to develop their techniques in behavioral research and criminal analysis.

For additional information and segments, visit the "Mind Over Murder" website at www.netNebraska.org/mindovermurder/.

"Mind Over Murder" is a production of NET Television.

Running time - Approximately 60 minutes


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