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The story of Clay Anderson's ascent into space is a very human one. "Homemade Astronaut: The Clay Anderson Story" is an intimate and personal look at Anderson's journey from dreamy-eyed child to driven college student to determined NASA astronaut.

During the hour-long program, Anderson talks about his youthful dreams and the inspiration and encouragement he received from high school and college teachers to pursue his passions.

Learn how after 15 applications, Anderson was chosen as NASA astronaut, followed by a three-year training program, his launch aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis bound for the International Space Station (ISS) on his father's birthday, and his return to earth five months later on his 15th wedding anniversary.

And sandwiched in between, Anderson details some of his experiences aboard the ISS, the experiments he conducted and his first space walk.

With humility and emotion, Anderson relates how his personal and professional lives have merged, the sacrifices he and his family have made, and how he has been embraced by the public since his return from space.

Running time: Approx. 60 min. Photos courtesy of NASA.

Production of "Homemade Astronaut" was made possible in part by Hastings College and Kinghorn Gardens


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