Quilting Nebraska and Polka Passion


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Quilting Nebraska A quilt is far more than the fabric and thread that hold it together. It is a story waiting to be told. The thread that holds a quilt together is also the thread that intertwines generations of family history. Some quilts were made to commemorate a special occasion while other were made out of necessity to keep early settlers warm through harsh Nebraska winters. A new documentary, Quilting Nebraska, explores the history of quiltmaking in Nebraska from the 1800s to the present. Polka Passion Through its music, its dance and the jubilant feelings it generates, the spirit of polka entices young and old alike to dance halls and festivals across the country. “Polka Passion!” delivers polka as it lives and breathes today. High-energy performances by the nation’s most popular polka bands are woven with slice-of-life views of this multi-generational phenomenon. Viewers become part of an audience in motion at a beautiful historic ballroom where Polka Family renders forth with their frenetic Polish/Hispanic sound. Experience German-style polka with Karl and the Country Dutchmen, whose sparkling keyboardist keeps it all moving, and witness the mastery of Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones, Grammy Award-winners at the top of Polish polka for 40 years. Side trips to polka shrines like the LoDuca Accordion Factory and Art’s Concertina Bar, listed in the National Registry as the only concertina bar in the world, put it all in perspective.Length 90 minutes


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