Saving Your Treasures


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Tucked away in attics and basements, boxes and photographs, quilts and heirlooms are slowly disintegrating.

But there is something you can do! "Saving Your Treasures" introduces you to the science and art of conservation and along the way offers advice to help you preserve and protect your own treasures at home.

In segments taped in the specialized laboratories of the Nebraska State Historical Society's Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center in Omaha, watch as conservators clean and repair damaged art and artifacts.

Go along with conservators as they make "house calls" to a county museum and a pubic library engaged in a race against time to preserve community heirlooms. Visit the powwow grounds of the Northern Ponca Tribe as conservators examine rare and irreplaceable regalia and tribal artifacts.

See how-to demonstrations on storing quilts, caring for family photos, polishing silver and preserving your heirlooms at home.

Visit where you'll find video clips, step-by-step advice and video lectures that can help you save your treasures!


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