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“Solomon Butcher: Frontier Photographer” is the story of an innovative, but luckless, man who recognized the rapid changes taking place in the American West, and began documenting the era through photos and words. At its core, it is a story about the pioneer spirit and the legacy that remains. His photographs of 19th century Nebraska settlers standing proudly in front of their sod houses may be better known than the man who took them. Photographer Solomon Butcher came to Nebraska in 1880 to live as a homesteader, but realizing after only two weeks this was not his calling he decided to put down the shovel and pick up a camera. From 1886-1892, Butcher photographed more than 1,500 images depicting the Sod House Frontier. While much is known about Butcher’s images, until recently, his story went mostly unknown. Most of Butcher’s subjects were settlers to Custer County, Neb. In the program, viewers see descendants of families who were photographed by Butcher and still live on the land where their ancestors settled; information about how the new technology of digital imaging is further preserving Butcher’s images and revealing new information about the frontier in the process; and how one student’s interest in telling Butcher’s story took him to Washington, D.C. This widescreen, high-definition presentation is a co-production of NET Television and the Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS). Kay Hall is producer with Brian Seifferlein as videographer/editor/director. NET Television is a service of NET. Produced in 2004 Length 60 minutes


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