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Study Materials

These manuals provide information for the Nebraska commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicator wishing to become licensed to apply pesticides to the sites identified in this category. The manual is intended to aid with preparation for the licensure examination. The manual is one component of the training, including video and/or in-person training, planned to give applicators opportunity to learn the content of the category. A pesticide applicator license is obtained following successful completion of general standards and at least one category examination.

Our FlipBooks are our new enhanced digital versions of our traditional print manuals, and most also include the video training presented at our in–person training sessions. Internet access is required to use FlipBooks. In-person training session would not be necessary. For more information please visit

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  1. Aerial Pest Control (12) Manual

    Aerial Pest Control (12) Manual

  2. Agricultural Pest Control-Animal (02) FlipBook

    Agricultural Pest Control-Animal (02) FlipBook


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  3. Agricultural Pest Control-Animal (02) Manual

    Agricultural Pest Control-Animal (02) Manual

  4. Agricultural Pest Control-Plant (01) Manual

    Agricultural Pest Control-Plant (01) manual

  5. Aquatic Pest Control (05) Manual

    Aquatic Pest Control (05) Manual

  6. Demonstration/Research (DR) Manual

    Demonstration/Research (DR) Manual

  7. Forest Pest Control (03) Manual

    Forest Pest Control (03) Manual

  8. Fumigation (11) Manual

    Fumigation (11) Manual

  9. General Standards (00) Manual

    General Standards (00) Manual

  10. Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (04) Manual

    Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (04) Manual

  11. Public Health Pest Control (09) Manual

    Public Health Pest Control (09) Manual

  12. Regulatory (REG Manual

    Regulatory (REF) Manual

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