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Great Plains America's Lingering Wild (MP-77)


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Great Plains America's Lingering Wild (MP-77)


Great Plains America's Lingering Wild (MP-77), 2009, 256 pages, 150 color plates, 12" x 11". Forsberg, Michael with O'Brien, Dan, Wishart, David and Kooser, Ted. Description: The Great Plains were once among the greatest grasslands on the planet. But as the United States and Canada grew westward, the Plains were plowed up, fenced in, overgrazed, and otherwise degraded. Today, this fragmented landscape is the most endangered and least protected ecosystem in North America. But all is not lost on the prairie. Through lyrical photographs, essays, historical images, and maps, this beautifully illustrated book gets beneath the surface of the Plains, revealing the lingering wild that still survives and whose diverse natural communities, native creatures, migratory traditions, and natural systems together create one vast and extraordinary whole.


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