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Great Plains Bison (MP-127)


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Great Plains Bison (MP-127)


Great Plains Bison (MP-127) O'Brien, Dan O. 2017 144 pp, size 8" x 5".

Description: A Project of the Center for Great Plains Studies and the School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska.

Great Plains Bison traces the history and ecology of this American symbol from the origins of the great herds that once dominated the prairie to its near extinction in the late nineteenth century and the subsequent efforts to restore the bison population. A longtime wildlife biologist and one of the most powerful literary voices on the Great Plains, Dan O’Brien has managed his own ethically run buffalo ranch since 1997. Drawing on both extensive research and decades of personal experience, he details not only the natural history of the bison but also its prominent symbolism in Native American culture and its rise as an icon of the Great Plains. Great Plains Bison is a tribute to the bison’s essential place at the heart of the North American prairie and its ability to inspire naturalists and wildlife advocates in the fight to preserve American biodiversity.


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