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The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook (MP-97)


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The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook (MP-97)


The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook (MP-97) Willard, Bob, 2011. This practical, easy-to-follow guidebook helps sustainability champions at any level in a company lead a transformation to a smarter, more successful, and more sustainable enterprise. The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook outlines the transformational steps to take, tips and techniques to use, and derailers to avoid. Bob Willard's previous books provide a financially relevant, compelling business case outlining why smart business executives should embrace sustainability. An expert on leadership, culture change, and organizational development, Willard distils lessons learned about cultural transformation and provides guidance on how to embed sustainability into corporate cultures. This guidebook is exceptionally easy to use, read and consult. Each tip is self-contained within two facing-pages. A change tip is presented on one page with a supporting sidebar or figure on its opposite, facing page. It is organized around four frameworks for easy reference: •A seven-step sustainability change process •Seven leadership practices to use during the change process •Seven paradoxes that complement the seven leadership practices •Seven derailers to avoid This book is an indispensable tool for sustainability champions who are transforming their companies into more sustainable enterprises.


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