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The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska (RA-4a/1998)


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The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska (RA-4a/1998)


Flowerday, C. A., Kuzelka, R. D., Pederson, D. T., 1998. The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska (RA-4a/1998): 44 pp., size 8.5" x 11". Description: The atlas depicts streamflow and surface reservoirs; topographic regions; groundwater regions; geology; test holes; observation wells; base of the principal reservoir; water table; saturated thickness of the groundwater reservoir; depth to the water table; transmissivity; vulnerability to groundwater contamination; trends in groundwater use for irrigation; departures from average annual precipitation; annual installation of irrigation wells; irrigation wells; and rises and declines in groundwater levels. A glossary is included. This document contains information based on data that was accurate and current at the time of publication, it may not be accurate and relevant at the present time. See the updated version, The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska(RA-4b/2013) published in late 2013.


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