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A Tapestry of Time and Terrain Map & Pamphlet (GIM-132)


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A Tapestry of Time and Terrain Map & Pamphlet (GIM-132)


A Tapestry of Time and Terrain (GIM-132): J. F. Vigil, R. J. Pike, D. G. Howell (1:3,500,000; 2000), size 56" x 40". Description: Through computer processing, the authors have combined the following maps: 1) Thelin and Pike, 1991, Landforms of the Conterminous United States--A Digital Shaded-relief Portryal (MIM I-2206; 1:3,500,000), and 2) King and Beikman, compilers, 1974, Geologic Map of the United States (1:2,500,000). The authors have modified the geologic map in some areas of low relief where a mismatch in registration was most obvious. A pamphlet accompanies the map (USGS Geologic Investigation I-2720, Version 1.0; USGS map no. 28887, pamplet no. 28888).


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