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Geologic Map of the United States of America


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Nebraska Recreation Map (GIM-207)


Geologic Map of the United States of America (GIM-156): Reed, J.C., Bush, C.A. (1:750,000; 2007), size 28" x 32". Description: This is a colorful, double sided map showing the Geology of the United States. It shows: the age, distribution, and character of rocks at or near the land surface; the ages of sedimentary, volcanic, plutonic, and metamorphic rocks; bedrock immediately beneath soils or thin surficial deposits; the thick deposits along the lower Mississippi River, on the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains, and in the deep basins of the western Cordillera; the limits of continental glaciation; jamor faults, impact structures, large volcanic calderas, and many other significant and interesting geologic features. The map comes with Circular 1300 which gives a complete description of the map and the geologic features it portrays. Commonly know as the National Atlas of the US.


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