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Mineral Resource Map of Nebraska (RM-6)


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Mineral Resource Map of Nebraska (RM-6)


Mineral Resource Map of Nebraska (RM-6): Burchett, R. R. (1:1,000,000; 1987), size 32" x 19". Description: Map includes a large map of Nebraska that illustrate occurrences of clay or silt pit; limestone quarry; sand and gravel pit; sandstone pit; silt or siltstone pit; uranium mine; oil field; and gas field. Included below the large Nebraska map are fourteen small Nebraska maps that illustrate occurrences of sand and gravel; 'quartzite'; limestone; uranium materials; clay or shale; bentonite; sodium and potassium salts; volcanic ash; metallic minerals; gypsum; diatomaceous earth; availability of groundwater; peat and coal; and underground gas storage; color print.


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