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Satellite View of Nebraska (LUM-34)


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Satellite View of Nebraska (LUM-34)


Satellite View of Nebraska (LUM-34): Eve, M. (1:1,000,000; 1997), size 32" x 22". Description: This is a mosaic of 18 Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite images acquired during the 1991 through 1993 growing seasons. The TM instrument senses energy that is invisible to the human eye. Images are portrayed in "false colors," areas with higher reflectance of invisible near-infrared energy appear red, while areas with a higher visible reflectance appear more green or blue. Actively growing vegetation, therefore, appears in shades of red. Areas having little vegetation cover, and areas where vegetation is dormant or dead at the time of imaging, have a blueish appearance. In a few locations, clouds obstruct the satellite's view of the Earth's surface.


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