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U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Map, 1:250,000 scale


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U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Map, 1:250,000 scale, size 32" x 22". (Topo-3) Each map sells for $10.00, the price will be added when you make your selection(s) below.
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U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Map, 1:250,000 scale, size 32" x 22". (Topo-3)


A map is a representation of the Earth, or part of it.  The distinctive characteristic of a topographic map is that the shape of the Earth's surface is shown by contour lines.  Contours are imaginary lines that join points of equal elevation on the surface of the land above or below a reference surface, such as mean sea level.  Contours make it possible to measure the height of mountains, depths of the ocean bottom, and steepness of slopes.

A topographic map shows more than contours.  The map includes symbols that represent such features as streets, buildings, streams, and vegetation.  These symbols are constantly refined to better relate the features they represent.  It takes 13 1:250,000 maps to cover the entire state of Nebraska.  The Nebraska Maps & More Store stocks them all in our store.  We also offer additional scales, 1:24,000 and 1:100,000.  These scales offer more detail of a specific area but cover also cover a smaller area.  Use the index image or contact our store if you need assistance selecting a map for your specific area of interest.  The U.S. Geological Survey on-line Map Locator at can also assist you in finding your specific area.

Topographic Map Scales Available

  • 1:24,000, referred to 7.5 minute quad (1,400 + to cover Nebraska)
  • 1:100,000 (48 to cover Nebraska)
  • 1:250,000 (11 to cover Nebraska)

Topographic Map Uses

  • Hiking, Hunting, Camping
  • Landowners, Farmers, Realtors
  • Geneology
  • Environmental Studies, Consultants


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